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Plastisol screen printing is the traditional style Gardening Things to grow shirt . Of screen printing that has been around forever it is the most commonly used ink for screen printing because it is the cheapest and most user-friendly. It works on all types of fabrics, produces bright colors and is perfect for color matching. Like the name implies, plastisol inks are essentially plastic. The major downside to using plastisol inks is that the thickness of the ink can make the final print a bit on the rough side, which can feel heavy and less breathable. Colors can also bleed together when they touch and you do not get as much detail. Very detailed prints with small dots or lines may not print well.

Gardening Things to grow shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Gardening Things to grow  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Gardening Things to grow  Hoodie
Gardening Things to grow  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Gardening Things to grow  Sweatshirt
Gardening Things to grow  Unisex
Waterbase inks are as they sound, water-based Gardening Things to grow shirt . This makes them eco-friendly and easy to clean up. The water is mixed with a dye or pigment and then evaporated during the drying stage of printing. You have a slight hand (soft feel) after printing with waterbase inks, but it becomes no-feel after its first wash. Water-based printing allows the ink to blend into the shirt instead of sitting on top of it. One downside of using waterbase inks is that they are less opaque, so the color of the shirt will influence the print itself. For example, a bright red ink on a black shirt will come out as a very dark red. Waterbase delivers the best results on white or very light colored shirts with dark colored inks. When printing lighter colored inks on dark colored shirts, the ink colors will change resulting in a more vintage look. Because of this we can’t guarantee color matching when using waterbase inks. Discharge is waterbase ink with an added bleaching agent. This allows us to print waterbase ink on dark garments by bleaching out the color of the shirt and replacing it with a new color.
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